ED solutions: Three most frequent reproductive disorders that you may face after 40

Erection problems

One in three men over the age of 40 have erection problems, and every ten years of life, this figure increases by 10 percent. One of the most common symptoms is lack of desire, most often due to stress, fatigue, or decreased testosterone production. The main thing is not to run the problems and to see a doctor in time to avoid complications.

Very often you have to deal with patients with this pathology, who for a long time did not seek the help of a specialist not because of the lack of time to visit the doctor, but for psychological reasons.


Prostatitis is the most common disease among men aged 25-50 years, and its statistics outnumber sexually transmitted diseases and any other disorders in the sexual sphere. According to various data, 30 to 85 percent of men over 30 years of age suffer from prostatitis.

Prostatitis can develop due to reduced immunity, hypothermia, or even sedentary lifestyle and alcohol abuse, or the cause may be an infection. To avoid complications, you need to see a doctor in time and not self-medicate with the help of Google. About 50 percent of men of working age suffer from chronic prostate, and this threatens infertility to 76 percent of patients.

“Self-medication in 90 percent of cases is ineffective and leads to the chronic process,” the doctor says.


Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in most countries of the world. It is the second-highest mortality rate from cancer. The disease is detected in 4 to 7 percent of cases in men aged 50 years and over who do not have urological symptoms and diseases of the genitourinary system.

What to do not to get sick?

If you are sexually active, you need to take tests for sexual infections after each new partner, and if you have a permanent partner, it is enough to do it once a year. No need to be afraid of examination by a urologist – most likely, you will need just to take a urine or blood test. The worst thing is to start processes and get a chronicle that threatens infertility.

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